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Get the full overview of your finances

An app that helps you keep track of your everyday finances so you can achieve your goals.

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Not just another app – it is much more than that!

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My accounts

Here you will find a complete overview of your bank accounts – no matter which bank you have.


Create goals for your savings that make it easier for you to save up for what you want.

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Home & Vehicle

Get an overview of your home and your vehicle expenses.

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Wish list

Create your own wish list and get notified when the product has the best price.

Do you know where your money goes?

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Add your bank accounts

Prosper helps you add your bank accounts easy and fast – no matter what bank you have.

Prosper gives you the overview

Prosper gives you the complete overview of your finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prosper is a financial tool that helps you keep track of your personal finances. Prosper gives you a simple overview of your consumption and helps you achieve your goals.

In order to retrieve your banking commitments, you need to log in to Prosper with NemID or MitID. After you have logged in with NemID or MitID, you will be able to retrieve your banking commitments under "Accounts" and "Manage accounts".

You create a goal under "Create goal". Give your goal a headline and set a deadline for when the goal should be reached. You can choose to enter the total amount of the goal or create purchases for the goal separately. You choose which account you want to use to save up for the goal.

Santander Consumer Bank stands behind Prosper. You are therefore always welcome to contact us on 70 21 90 11 weekdays from 09:00. to 16:00 or write an email to kundeservice@santanderconsumer.dk
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